Fabric Tooth Brush Pouch Sewing Pattern, Diy, Easy Travel Pouch

Another 15 minutes project from The Design House of Blissful Sewing, the DIY Fabric Brush Holder! This is the easiest project I have made and extremely useful too. This can be your perfect companion during travel and what more? You can wash it with your other laundry and it comes out clean and dry!.

All you need is a  small wash cloth  that  is available in every supermarket.
Fold it almost half way up, just enough to cover almost half of your tooth brush.

Align the sides and draw four lines using a fabric pen, dividing the towel into four equal parts as shown above. Insert two pieces of satin ribbon, about 10 inches long, just in between the two layers of the wash cloth as denoted by the arrow and pin it in place.
  Also pin at each line to prevent the layers from moving.

Sew along each line, taking  care to reinforce at the beginning and end, to form four pouches. It's better to complete the side seams first and then move on to the center stitches so as to avoid any folds.

Heat seal the ends of your satin ribbon and Voila our pouch is ready!

You can put your tooth brush, tooth paste, ointments or even scissors, roll it up and tie the satin ribbon as shown above.